"RFG processing Rocks"

Received January 2017

"Hey, just thought I should share this.  I was at my closing yesterday and our client had wonderful things to say our processing team. (She had a nightmare experience while she was purchasing and then switched mortgage companies to us). She is tough to deal with and would call Meghan at like 8 on a Friday night.  Meghan would talk to her all the time and walk her through everything.  For me, it was awesome because otherwise I would`ve been spending hours doing that and not focusing on other things.  She does an awesome job walking through logs with borrowers."


Received December 2016

Boom! Jumbo loan and they are sending this BEFORE they even close.  Another raving fan...that started off with a quality origination!

Wait there’s more! File is CTC and ready to go 9 days prior to closing! And all attorney docs are in so it really could get into closing today. Fantastic job Dan & Kelly (and I guess me as well J)!!!!!!

"wow" FACTOR

Received Febuary 2017

I had a few events over the last few days and am just catching up on emails now. After reading this one all I can say is "WOW!!!"

This new pre-approval setup is a phenomenal competitive advantage. I was expecting it to be released over the next 4-6 weeks (as you guys mentioned in our meetings) but it didn't take even 4-6 DAYS after TRID was rolled out for it to be released! Talk about under promising and over delivering!!

Thanks guys...This is awesome. Have a great weekend!